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TheUse CD Release Party @ Muchmore’s BK

Streaming The Use Debut Full Length album on band camp

The Use interviewed on Chaos Control Digizine along w/ heroes Björk, Autechre, Aphex Twin, and many more!

Photo from Chris Carlone aka Borts Minorts.

The Use Chaos



  The Use interviewed on Goldenboy Press

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GOLDEN BOY PRESS Interview #128

Electronic artist Michael Durek has brought a breath of life into the music world. He’s created amazing glitch music, with great composition and passion. We discuss his travels with Pas Musique, his music idols growing up, and his future plans! Could you introduce yourself? I produce mostly electronic music, and am based in Jersey City, though I perform in NYC a lot and tour when I can. I have traveled the world, mostly with a group called Pas Musique. I play many instruments, but apparently many locals simply know me as “the theremin guy”, and I make a very authentic Indian Sambhar. …. [READ MORE]

RE-FUSED Remix Album reviewed on Tiny Mix Tapes


Libertas Decembri: the Golden Age, “vivid like graffiti,” eleven times over, a chair shy at supper – early eleven days of Christmas with the family, shy a partridge.  “I’m the fourth dimensional deep space phenomenon,” lord Black Saturn assures us. Ten lords-a-leaping remix the declaration in rotation. The core is hot; the surface is cool. Post-cracked ice is smudged down the side of a reflective aluminum can spinning on a Lazy Susan in time with the drum doctor as tiny bubbles pop out the top, the sprinkler….read more

Photo credit: Scott Burland from Duet 4 Theremin and Lapsteel.

Photo credit: Scott Burland

The Use Debut Full Length —->

The Use makes intricate and fluid electronic music influenced by IDM experiments with home-made software and years of experience in free improvisation. Michael Durek secretly obtained his first Dr. Dre tape when he was 9 years old, and was later blown away by the beats of Dre, Cypress Hill, and Eminem records. His background in classical piano brings the harmonies of Bach and Chopin to the piano roll and synthesizers. Later in life he began playing with the experimental act “Pas Musique”, touring around the world in seven countries while playing theremin with the likes of Rachel Mason, Philippe Petit, The Rutgers Symphony Orchestra and many others. Pas Musique introduced him a whole new kind of music making – one based on pure expression and texture. Inspirations include Autechre, Flying Lotus, Nosaj thing, and Sufjan Stevens. The distinctive textures of analog synths, home-made digital instruments and fx, theremins, and field recordings lavish his debut release, “What’s The Use?” on Alrealon Musique, out 2014, which features cameos and co-writing from Rachel Mason, Trinitron, and ex-Lumineers Drummer, Jay Van Dyke. His debut release “What’s the Use” came out on the Pas Musique curated series on Alrealon Musique label Feb 17 2014.